Al-Muslim Group has a LAN and WAN based multi component IT system. With a dedicated server room and bandwidth, its internet connectivity involves both fiber network and wireless network subsystems ensure 24-hour high-speed access. It maintains a dynamic website: updated regularly. However, to help Al-Muslim Group function superbly, its MIS assists the management to track and keep the entire procurement, production, inventory, quality, delivery, HR, technology and other important status on the target correctly and regularly.

We use ERP solutions for smooth running of the entire business cycle from sales processing to supply chain & inventory management,Production planning & we carry out total business activities through IT based ERP system.This ERP system helps us in efficient decision making & makes the entire process transparent. To take any immediate and faster decision, we can connect with the buyers through video conference and take part in any virtual functions. Our entire complex and factory buildings are covered with CCTV for the safety of our employees, goods and storage. We are using face punch for the daily attendance system.